.....Letter from the Editor in Chief


Some years back we had a dream: producing the best Peru travel and culture books available in the market. With this in mind, we put together a team of professionals to create top of the line publications aimed at promoting and disseminating the wonders that Peru has to offer.

Thus Unimundo was born: a solid enterprise ready to take on new challenges and compete in the most demanding national and international markets, founded on novel strategies and competitive capacity.

This challenge has led us through the adventure of discovering the legacy of this wonderful country of ours. Its vast geography, wealth of people, landscapes, history and culture has inspired us to aim for higher goals in each of our publications, which so far include: Gold in Ancient Peru; The Antarctic Peninsula; Peru Legend; The Peruvian Andes; Live History; Silver in Pre-Columbian and Colonial Peru; Marinera NorteƱa;  Pisco, Art and Tradition; Machu Picchu, Historical Sanctuary; Cebiches and Tiraditos; The Tambopata-Candamo National Reserve; The Fortress of Kuelap; Old Lima; among many others.

The infinite richness of Peru and its inexhaustible ancestral traditions will continue to inspire us to share with our readers the new and challenging future with renewed eagerness.

Luis Felipe Llosa Ricketts
Director y Editor General

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